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Hervey Bay Square Dance Club Inc.


We dance at Dan Dinna House
459 Boat Harbour Drive, Torquay


Weekly Classes & Sessions are:

Monday:          7 - 9.30 pm - PLUS

Wednesday:    6.30 - 10 pm - Mainstream

Saturday         9.30am - 11.30am - Learners/Practice Session

Cost;  $4.00 per session

Listings HERE for Saturday Socials with top guest Callers and Club Socials for 2022

{Please note; check back for updates from time to time.}

Caller Sessions:

Afternoon PLUS 2 - 4.30pm - $4.00

Theme Night Socials 7 - 11pm - $6.00

All sessions include tea and coffee

If you have not danced for a while and are feeling rather rusty,

come anyway and we’ll help refresh your memory.

It’s great for the brain & body, yet light on the purse.

Line of dancers x flyer flippedSQUARE DANCING FOR FUN,




Any questions? Call our President Jean on 0404 655271

or our Secretary Samantha on 4125 1614