sd1 couple ex web whited outWhy Square Dance?

To sum it up easily one could say For Fun, Fitness & Friendship. Which would be true.

This is what Square Dancers all over the world will tell you:

  • Square Dancing stimulates the brain, because you have to listen, process the data and execute the moves; certainly gives you a buzz.
  • It is very good for improving coordination.
  • Like any activity done to music, it is a wonderful tonic for the soul.
  • The body gets a pretty good work out; yet it can be done by anybody who can walk.
  • You can dance at your own comfort level; you don’t have to be exuberant.
  • It is a very social activity; it is easy to make new friends.
  • You don’t need to have a partner; you can be single and still dance.
  • It is suitable for all age groups; many dancers learnt when they were young and have returned to the activity in later life.
  • Square Dancing encourages team work; you dance in a group of 8, so you help one another.
  • There’s a lot of laughter at the dances, which makes you feel good.
  • There are lots of events around Australia and around the world; it gives you opportunities to travel and meet up with like minded people.
  • There’s always a cuppa at the dance, with time to share and exchange ideas, find out what’s on or just to have a chat.
  • It is mobile, no matter where you go in the world, you will be able to go to a Square Dance and join in, because the moves are the same all over, and the calls are all made in English, no matter where you are.sd1 couple ex web whited out flipped

These days Square Dance calls are put to any type of music, from classical, to Country & Western, to Top Ten Hits, to Reggae and of course also the hits from yesteryear. There’s something for everybody.